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Judges about Cubo*

“Good type, good size and proportions, ood line of the head, excellent expresion, sloping back, good angulation, goog balance of movement, correct ridge, good color”
Igor Selimovic (CRO) (Class - Honor)

"Compact dog, correct and enough strong head, good pigmentation, googd color of  eyes, correct ears, good topline, correct movemen."
Zlatko Kraljic (CRO) (Class - Champion)

"Very nice male with excelent height, dark mask, beautiful head, beautiful elegant neck, good chest, excellent angulation, good ridge, good movement"
Blaha Monika (A)  (Class - Champion)

"3 years old, good size. excellent head, correct dentition, well carried ears, good eyes, well set neck, deep well developed ribcage, long and to straight in loins, strong bones, well developed muscules, good movement, straight and long topline, excellent ridge"
Marija Kavcic (SLO)  (Class - Champion)

“Excellent breed type, good size, excellent body, masculine head, crown could be more visible, excellent mover.”
Frank Kane (UK) (Class - Intermedia)

“Nice masculine head, excellent front and feet, very strong neck, well bodied, good quarters, free mover.”
Marion Spavin (Class - Intermedia)

“Male excellent type, good size, excellent head and expression, excellent neck, good top line, correct ridge not centered, good angulations and movement.”
Mag Blaz Kavcic (Slovenia) (Class - Young)

“Great head and eyes. Good length of neck, good top line, well muscled. Depth of body is good. Good front. Tight feet.”
Julie Bates (UK) (Class - Young)


* more wiil be updated soon


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