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Rhodesian Ridgeback Cubo and Khoisan Kennel.
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RR School

With Croatian kennel Ayaba we started to organize seminars and school especially for Rhodesian ridgeback. In Slovenia is still very fresh and unknown breed but is becoming very modern and popular so is important to educate people and help them to raise their dog into good companions.

Til now we had 2 Seminars and 2  schools. In autum we will start 3rd.

More info about school

Ayaba about picnic

GUESTS from Croatia (Kennel AYABA) ABOUT PICNIC:

" Dogs connect people, and Ridgebacks do it on their own special way

Can dog organize a picnic? Surely he can, especially if his name is Cubo and has owners called Snezka and Gregor.
Last weekend we spent two beautiful days with our friends from Slovenia. We enjoyed it together with our dogs.

The first day Tomislav had an opening seminar about the breed after which we all discussed about our lives with this interesting dogs.
And everything else we wanted to discuss. The other day we had a seminar about dog training with lots and lots activities.

So, we would like to thank you Cubo, and all Ridgeback owners, for the beautiful weekend."

I would like to thank Tomislav from Ayaba, for making good seminar and training school! Snežka

Picnic results

Cubo's picnic

At home. All tired after such a great weekend. Thanks guys..all of you are the best Ridgebacks an owners.






Vabimo vas na piknik. Vabljeni vsi ljubitelji, lastnik in obcudovalci pasme ter bodoci lastniki.
Info na mail ali 041/ 384 - 486 Snežka

Prijave lepo napredujejo! Sedaj nas je že 25 + naši kužki.


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